Parish plan

Parish Planning - Parish Plan update

As we mentioned in our previous update the approved Parish Plan includes a draft Action Plan based on the questionnaire results which has identified the key issues where responses to the questionnaire show overriding feelings about a subject. Those issues have been sub-divided into "Now", “Ongoing”, "Soon" and "Later" priorities for action.

The objectives stated in the Action Plan reflect the majority view of the parishioners of Garway and are based on the results of the Parish Plan Questionnaires and other related research and consultation

The Parish Plan Summary document which was delivered to every household in the Parish is a brief summary of the Parish Plan that has been developed by the Parish Plan Steering Group. In this document we included a limited version of the Action Plan, showing only the issues where responses to the questionnaire had the highest response.

We have also included the Action Groups (see Appendix 1A) that have been set up to review, develop and implement the key issues in the main Action Plan.

The draft Action Plan is a blue print for the future and as such will be subject to constant review by the Action Groups and the community, including as necessary further public consultation, as part of its development. When finalised it will show in detail who should be approached to actually put things in motion by obtaining suitable funding and other resources. This could be the Parish Council, Hereford Council, charities, private groups or individuals.

Action Plan Group Meetings

The first of the Action Plan Group meetings for the Planning and Development Group was held on Tuesday 25th January click here to see the draft minutes. Another meeting was held on Thursday 31st March at 7.30pm in the Village hall when Haley Crane Housing Development Officer Herefordshire Council gave advice about a Housing Needs Survey, click here to see the draft minutes. A Garway Housing Needs Questionnaire has now been developed and agreed with Haley Crane and Hereford County Council and is currently being printed by Herefordshire Council for delivery to every household in the Parish by the beginning of November.

The second of the Action Plan Group meetings for the Community Facilities Group was held on Thursday 17th March click here to see the draft minutes. Another meeting will be arranged for October date and time to be announced on the web and in the Parish Magazine and local notice boards.

The third Action Plan Group meetings for the Local Environment Group was held on Thursday 21st April at 7.30 in the Village Hall when the current actions were reviewed and priorities and and time table were set. click here to see the draft minutes

The full Parish Plan will be available for your review at selected locations in the Parish which include the Village Hall, local Churches, Post Office, Broad Oak Garage/Shop, and the Garway Moon pub. The document will also available on line by clicking Parish Plan .

A number of copies of the Parish Plan will also be available from the Steering Group central loan system for Parishioners to borrow, read and return.

Finally the Garway Parish Plan has been sent to Herefordshire County Council with a request that it be considered for adoption by the Council as Additional Planning Guidance.

A very big thank you to everybody who completed the Parish Plan Questionnaire and to all those who have helped to prepare the Parish Plan.

Garway Parish Plan Steering Group