The Project

The new Community Centre building has been designed by the Architect (Simmonds Mills), Structural and Mechanical engineers in association with the Garway Community Centre Management Team, to satisfy the demanding Passivhaus Standard. It is based on proven robust, high performance, low environmental impact construction methods, lighting heating and ventilation systems and materials.

For details of the Community Centre click on the Drawings.


The Centre will include the full range of facilities and services needed to support the

general community; the wider community and visitors. This will include the special

requirements of: Senior Citizens; Young People; disabled and less mobile people;

those on fixed incomes; and those with social and multiple health needs.

The new location for the building will provide extensive off road parking, healthy safe

green spaces for recreational activities and children’s play areas.

The services we plan to provide will include:

  • An Outreach Centre providing Supplemental Health Services for our older

population (24.9% of Garway’s population are of pensionable age). The

Centre will also cater for Parents of young children and babies (23%) and

those in need of special care. These services will also be available for the

community in general (87.7% of our population are more than 7 miles from the

nearest GP services).

  • A Cafe/Bar linked to a commercial kitchen generating income by providing

light lunches/snacks and meals for the Garway Pre-School and Primary

School (some 50 children), people from the community, visitors and the

elderly and the disabled. We also intend to develop our services to provide

for lunch clubs, wedding receptions and other private functions

  • An area for selling local produce and essential goods
  • A Post Office (with increased services and proposed opening times of 2hrs

twice a week)

  • Garway Live providing live theatre, music and drama at least once a month

initially and more frequently as the Centre develops. This is a significant

income stream now and into the future

  • Flicks in the Sticks showing films for a range of audiences from a population

of some 800 people both locally and from adjacent Parishes of mixed ages

and social needs

Facilities for Sub Groups and User Groups such as:

  • A meeting area for the Parish Council, Garway Church, Garway Breakaways, Garway Heritage Group, and a number of other User Groups
  • A Market which will offer local produce and craft
  • Extend the current monthly provision of volunteer run community library to a

daily service, for all age groups

  • Health and fitness opportunities for the whole community including special

fitness sessions for the older/disabled members of our community

  • After school activities for the Garway Pre-School and Primary School (some

50 children)

  • Sport/fitness activities
  • Additional education/after school clubs/school holiday facilities for young

people of all ages

  • Work/training facilities, business facilities and IT. These facilities will provide

a home workers support centre to give support to a thriving rural economy.

  • A venue for wedding receptions and other private functions