As a very small beginning to seeing what we can do for ourselves, car sharing/volunteering etc., Cecibel and I working under the auspices of the ‘Transition Group’ are doing a bit of a survey of need!

Buses go to Hereford from Garway and to Monmouth from St Weonards. Some people in Garway may want to go to Ross on occasion too and also may have no means to get to St Weonards if they wanted a trip to Monmouth.

Thinking particularly about those two places first – Monmouth and Ross –could anybody who would like to access transport either ring or write to Cecibel or me Margaret in order to start a discussion/make a plan

Our details are here:

Cecibal Egan 01600 750569 2 Moonwood Close HR2 HRN

Margaret Oke 01600 750461 Myrtle House, HR2 8RQ


once we have identified a need, solutions can be found.

Margaret Oke