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New Community Centre for Garway

Garway Village Hall Charity

From the Trustees in association with and with thanks to

Big Lottery Fund Reaching Communities Buildings

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Garway Village Hall Trustees are delighted to announce that Big Lottery Fund Reaching Communities Buildings have awarded £717,906 to Garway Village Hall Charity to build a new Community Centre in the Parish. The Big Lottery Fund Reaching Communities Buildings stated in their press release: “that Garway Village Hall Charity received the award to build a new village hall and community resource including a health and social care outreach centre, café and a modern hall and meeting facility”.

The Chair of the Trustees said “We are over the moon that the Big Lottery Fund has allocated such a magnificent grant to Garway Village Hall Charity. The Centre will enable the community to move forward and bring to life the services and activities that we have planned and will enrich life in Garway both now and for future generations.”

The Chair of the Project Management Group stated that the Community Centre will enable local people to come together, to develop and participate in a whole range of services, activities and functions. It will be fit for the 21st century – a Passivhaus design to minimise running costs, to be welcoming, multi-use, energy efficient and warm.

The Trustee’s Secretary would like to thank the Big Lottery Fund Reaching Communities Buildings for their wonderful support, and the many departments of Herefordshire Council who so freely gave us hours of their time to help us prepare our application and to provide information to Big Lottery. In addition, we would like to thank HVOS and Community First whose support for our project has been absolutely outstanding. The project began after the Garway Parish Plan was produced and has run since April 2013. Finally, our thanks to the Trustee’s and those who joined the Project Management Group for their work and to the community for their support.

Following a hotly contested local competitive bid the design for the new Centre was awarded to Architects Simmonds Mills and their professional design team, based in Hereford. Working from a design brief and in association with the Project Management Group, a detailed design was prepared and a detailed planning application was submitted to Hereford Planning Department in May and was approved in September, together with an Outline Planning application for development of the existing Village Hall site.

The new Community Centre will be built on a site adjacent to Garway Primary School and opposite the existing Village Hall which has served the community well since the 1920’s

Garway is a village in rural isolation in the extreme south west of Herefordshire with a sparse transport system and the nearest medical facilities being some 7 miles away. The new Centre will benefit up to 800 people from the local area, in particular older people, young people and those without transport. The current Village Hall is central to every village event.

The new Community Centre will be a cost effective local community health/wellbeing and social hub. It will be in a new ecologically sustainable, very energy efficient Passivhaus multi- purpose flexible and accessible building. The facilities will allow us to support and develop services for the whole of the community, both now and in the future.

The new Community Centre will provide a bright airy space with a café/bar and kitchen, health and social care outreach centre, live entertainment and sports facilities which will make the Centre a hub for the community and for visitors both now and for many generations to come.


For more information, please contact Colin Robinson on 01600 75054401600 750544

or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposed New Community Centre Application

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Garway Village Hall trustees wish to inform you that we have presented our Stage 3 application for the Capital Building costs to the Big Lottery on 5th June 2015. We now await a response from the Big Lottery which is expected at the end of August or beginning September.

The Garway Village Hall Trustees held a public meeting on Wednesday the 13th May 2015 at 7.30pm, in Garway Village Hall,

At this meeting we presented the detailed plans, cost estimates, planning applications and the Business Plans for the New Community Centre. The Architects, Simmonds Mills, explained the design and layout of the Passivhaus building and the estimated cost.

After many applications and plans over the years Garway Village Hall Trustees had an early Christmas Present in December 2014 with the news that the Big Lottery had approved our Stage 2 application with the award of a Development Grant to fund preparation of detailed plans, cost estimates, planning applications and a business plan for a New Community Centre. All of this information has to be submitted by early June 2015 along with approved planning permission – a tight deadline but one we are determined to meet. If we are successful at stage 3 a Big Lottery Grant of £500,000 will be made available. Land for the new Centre has been offered by Margaret and Nick Oke – part of the field opposite the Old School.

Following an open Village Meeting on January 6th a Project Management Group has been set up – a combination of the Hall Trustees and local people who are keen to be involved and feel they can contribute. The first meeting of the group has been held and plans are underway….watch this space.

If you would like more information or to be involved please contact:

Malcolm Howard (Chair) email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel 01600750443

Colin Robinson (Secretary) email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.tel 01600750544



Garway New Community Centre Project Update

Official Opening

The Official Opening will be on Saturday the 7th April 2018 at 2.30 pm. The Centre will be opened by the Revd Lady Lisvane. High Sheriff of Herefordshire.


Work on the new Community Centre commenced in January 2017. The Centre which is being built to a very high standard by William Powell and Sons Ltd is scheduled for completion end of March 2018.

The Centre is an ecologically sustainable, very energy efficient Passivhaus multi- purpose flexible and accessible building and will be a cost effective local community health/wellbeing and social hub and a great asset for the local community and to others in the surrounding parishes.


Contractural Process

The contract for the construction for the new Community Centre was awarded to William Powell and Sons Ltd in September 2016.

A Prequalifying Questionnaire was sent to 5 Contractors in January. 4 contractors expressed an interest in tendering for the construction of the new centre. Design drawings and other tender documents were sent to those contractors in February with a required return date of 12th March for their tenders.

The tenders will be reviewed by the Project Design Team (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyor and Garway Village Hall Trustee representative) on the 17th March with the intention of choosing the preferred contractor. Information on the tendering process and details of the preferred contractor will be discussed with the Big Lottery and following their approval the chosen contractor will be appointed and the final design details and a fixed price contract will be developed for the project. The scheduled start date for construction is early May.




The Project

The new Community Centre building has been designed by the Architect (Simmonds Mills), Structural and Mechanical engineers in association with the Garway Community Centre Management Team, to satisfy the demanding Passivhaus Standard. It is based on proven robust, high performance, low environmental impact construction methods, lighting heating and ventilation systems and materials.

For details of the Community Centre click on the Drawings.


The Centre will include the full range of facilities and services needed to support the

general community; the wider community and visitors. This will include the special

requirements of: Senior Citizens; Young People; disabled and less mobile people;

those on fixed incomes; and those with social and multiple health needs.

The new location for the building will provide extensive off road parking, healthy safe

green spaces for recreational activities and children’s play areas.

The services we plan to provide will include:

  • An Outreach Centre providing Supplemental Health Services for our older

population (24.9% of Garway’s population are of pensionable age). The

Centre will also cater for Parents of young children and babies (23%) and

those in need of special care. These services will also be available for the

community in general (87.7% of our population are more than 7 miles from the

nearest GP services).

  • A Cafe/Bar linked to a commercial kitchen generating income by providing

light lunches/snacks and meals for the Garway Pre-School and Primary

School (some 50 children), people from the community, visitors and the

elderly and the disabled. We also intend to develop our services to provide

for lunch clubs, wedding receptions and other private functions

  • An area for selling local produce and essential goods
  • A Post Office (with increased services and proposed opening times of 2hrs

twice a week)

  • Garway Live providing live theatre, music and drama at least once a month

initially and more frequently as the Centre develops. This is a significant

income stream now and into the future

  • Flicks in the Sticks showing films for a range of audiences from a population

of some 800 people both locally and from adjacent Parishes of mixed ages

and social needs

Facilities for Sub Groups and User Groups such as:

  • A meeting area for the Parish Council, Garway Church, Garway Breakaways, Garway Heritage Group, and a number of other User Groups
  • A Market which will offer local produce and craft
  • Extend the current monthly provision of volunteer run community library to a

daily service, for all age groups

  • Health and fitness opportunities for the whole community including special

fitness sessions for the older/disabled members of our community

  • After school activities for the Garway Pre-School and Primary School (some

50 children)

  • Sport/fitness activities
  • Additional education/after school clubs/school holiday facilities for young

people of all ages

  • Work/training facilities, business facilities and IT. These facilities will provide

a home workers support centre to give support to a thriving rural economy.

  • A venue for wedding receptions and other private functions




Borders Broadband - Herefordshire and Gloucestershire

Latest Broadband update from Fastershire 4th February 2015 click here

At the Parish Council meeting on 15th October 2012 it was decided that Garway should prepare a Neighbourhood Plan as part of the ongoing development of the Parish Plan.

A Presentation on Neighbourhood Planning to be given by Samantha Banks (Neighbourhood Planning Team Leader, Herefordshire Council) on Wednesday 14th August in the Village Hall, when people were invited to join a Steering Group to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Garway.  The Steering Group currently consists of 12 people including 3 Parish Councillors.  If you would like to be part of the Steering Group please contact the Parish Clerk Mrs Linda Cowles on 01981 510119.

Definition of affordable housing

Affordable housing is:

  • Provided at below market prices
  • For people with a local connection to a locality or Parish, i.e Garway Parish
  • For people who are unable to afford to purchase or rent houses generally available on the open market without financial assistance, as their only home

The recipients can include:

  • First time buyers who cannot afford to buy on the open market
  • Families needing larger accommodation who cannot afford to rent or buy a suitable property on the open market
  • People who need properties that are adapted to meet their individual needs
  • People with support needs including those who have suffered abuse, experience learning disabilities or problems with mental health

Notice from Land Registry regarding Garway Common,Garway Hill Common, Black House Common and Broad Oak Common.

Application to register the freehold interest of the above commons in the name of James Alexander Delacour de Labilliere.

Following submission by the Parish Council of their detailed Objection Statement on the 4th December we are awaiting the response from the Land Registry. A response is expected in March 2013.

As a very small beginning to seeing what we can do for ourselves, car sharing/volunteering etc., Cecibel and I working under the auspices of the ‘Transition Group’ are doing a bit of a survey of need!

Buses go to Hereford from Garway and to Monmouth from St Weonards. Some people in Garway may want to go to Ross on occasion too and also may have no means to get to St Weonards if they wanted a trip to Monmouth.

Thinking particularly about those two places first – Monmouth and Ross –could anybody who would like to access transport either ring or write to Cecibel or me Margaret in order to start a discussion/make a plan

Our details are here:

Cecibal Egan 01600 750569 2 Moonwood Close HR2 HRN

Margaret Oke 01600 750461 Myrtle House, HR2 8RQ


once we have identified a need, solutions can be found.

Margaret Oke

We are looking for help and support in inspecting and reporting on the condition and accessibility of the public footpaths in the Parish.

Garway Parish Council have recieved the following information about recent discussions on cross-border healthcare arrangements. Under The Health and Social Care Act, Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) were abolished on 31 March 2013, and primary care provision, which includes GPs, in Herefordshire is now the responsibility of the Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Area Team part of NHS England.


At the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting on the 27th October it was announced that the following three Councillors and the Parish Clerk had resigned. See below for details:


1. Sarah Partridge

2. Colin Robinson - see attached Letter of Resignation

3. Malcolm Howard - see attached Letter of Resignation

4. Linda Cowles Parish Clerk - see attached Letter of Resignation


Picks up at Garway Common at 0936 and returns from Abergavenny Bus Station at 1315 (1.15pm)

Contact I&S Coaches on 01432 264968 for more detail
See attached 438 timetable click here